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The Personal in the Political

The following title from a NYT story turned my mind to a topic that political scientists tend to ignore. Turning Bush-Abe Alliance Into Friendship The story also uses the ubiquitous statement by Bush on Putin: “I looked the man in … Continue reading

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Opaque Transparency Decision

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao signed a regulation to improve government transparency on Tuesday. Various headlines about the move: Government-controlled China Daily:Statute to make government open, cleanWashington Post, 2007.04.24:China Announces Rules to Require Government DisclosuresNew York Times, 2007.04.25:China Sets Out to … Continue reading

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Historical Urban Bias

I think that it is a generally accepted fact that the CCP instituted policies with a distinct urban bias throughout its rule; however, that does not lessen the joy of finding evidence of it, especially when that evidence accords with … Continue reading

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Education is fundamentally a choice. Students choose to do their homework or not, to attend class or not, to take challenging or easy classes, etc. China released statistics today that show that more people are choosing to not go to … Continue reading

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Frontline’s tremendous recently concluded 4-part series, Newswar, discusses the present and future challenges facing the news industry. In addition to addressing the Scooter Libby case and other fights with the administration, there was a long discussion over the saga of … Continue reading

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Environmental Social Science

If you look at the cross-national statistics for income and inequality, you will find that there is an inverted-U pattern. That is, poor countries have little inequality (i.e. everyone is poor). Rich countries tend to have relatively little inequality (i.e. … Continue reading

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Harmonious Society Troops

From Boxun and ESWN, irony caught with a digital camera: The sign that the police/troops are holding says “Building a Harmonious Society.” The image was taken in Guangdong, which is home to more than its share of land grabs and … Continue reading

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