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Property – Now with (perhaps more) Rights! (CDT) has a post on a Radio Free Asia (RFA) piece by Bao Tong about the recent property rights law that was passed by the NPC. He, not surprisingly, downplays the significance of the law’s passage, as is not … Continue reading

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What to do while rubber stampering at the NPC

A great photo of delegates sleeping can be found here. Of course, I happen to think that the NPC is becoming more and more politically relevant and less of a pure rubber stamp; however, I decided to avoid that topic … Continue reading

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The only thing that lasts

Two of the major themes at this year’s “Two Conferences” or Lianghui, a.k.a. the NPC and CPPCC, have been continuing to continue building the countryside and to legislate property rights. Those not paying attention might assume that this extension of … Continue reading

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