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Back in the USA

Thanks to the Beatles for expressing these sentiments (amended (slightly)): Been away so long I hardly knew the placeGee, it’s good to be back homeLeave it till tomorrow to unpack my caseHoney reconnect the phone Now, after I convince T-Mobile … Continue reading

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The Wild, Wild West

From the 26th of May until the 3rd of June, I have been traveling with friends in Xinjiang. China’s northwest is dominated by Xinjiang, excuse me for the informality, by the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. Xinjiang is a majority minority … Continue reading

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Cliche Research Techniques

It has literally become a joke that foreign correspondents or others writing about China base all of their observations on taxi drivers. In fact, sometimes it is even funny. From Sinocidal: You’ve just arrived in your 5-Star room at the … Continue reading

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Welcome Back to Chinese Society

I have just returned from a productive but exhausting research trip to the countryside of Heilongjiang, China’s most northeasterly province. In one county, I was 200 km from the Russian border. More on the adventures will come. I just had … Continue reading

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Opaque Transparency Decision

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao signed a regulation to improve government transparency on Tuesday. Various headlines about the move: Government-controlled China Daily:Statute to make government open, cleanWashington Post, 2007.04.24:China Announces Rules to Require Government DisclosuresNew York Times, 2007.04.25:China Sets Out to … Continue reading

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Arable Land Statistics

This CCTV story gives official arable land losses of 300,000+ hectares in 2006.* I question these statistics. The central government has made maintenance of arable land a priority a few years ago. The change in the numbers was immediate: subnational … Continue reading

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Rags to Riches

Journalists: combining multiple threads of my interest is a nearly fool-proof way to make it onto this blog. Nearly is a necessary qualifier as you never know when I might be traveling for research or having family members join me … Continue reading

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Will China’s Hot Growth Burn Us All?

Other title puns considered were: Toasting Chinese Growth until We Are Burned; Let Them Eat, But No More Coal…. Salon’s How the World Works and the both have mentions of China’s economic growth and increase in greenhouse gas emissions … Continue reading

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Luckily there is no market for betting on how many times will be blocked and unblocked by China’s internet nanny. Two and a half weeks ago I said changes would be fewer than 2.5 times by July when I … Continue reading

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Historical Urban Bias

I think that it is a generally accepted fact that the CCP instituted policies with a distinct urban bias throughout its rule; however, that does not lessen the joy of finding evidence of it, especially when that evidence accords with … Continue reading

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