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Cliche Research Techniques

It has literally become a joke that foreign correspondents or others writing about China base all of their observations on taxi drivers. In fact, sometimes it is even funny. From Sinocidal: You’ve just arrived in your 5-Star room at the … Continue reading

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More Vanilla Will Not Turn the Flotilla

Richard McGregor of the Financial Times has an interesting piece on China’s macroeconomic situation. Brad Setser of Roubini Global Economics dissected the piece thoroughly here from an economic perspective. The time-worn analogy of turning around a supertanker is often used … Continue reading

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Welcome Back to Chinese Society

I have just returned from a productive but exhausting research trip to the countryside of Heilongjiang, China’s most northeasterly province. In one county, I was 200 km from the Russian border. More on the adventures will come. I just had … Continue reading

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More of the Same

The Wall Street Journal has two interesting stories related to China in the past week while contemplating its potential future under Rupert Murdoch. China Toils Over New Labor Law and What China 4000 Means Both have been 0ft-discussed here (I … Continue reading

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It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career

I follow sports. As I am someone interested in China, I have followed the Chinese sports establishment. As I am someone born and raised in Indiana, I love basketball. Thus, I am a fan of Yao Ming. Alas, the Houston … Continue reading

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