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A new piece by the Economist on China’s stock market gets it. Tens of millions of Chinese are risking their shirts in a stockmarket frenzy. If it goes wrong, things could get nasty WOULD-BE share punters, keen for a piece … Continue reading

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The Personal in the Political

The following title from a NYT story turned my mind to a topic that political scientists tend to ignore. Turning Bush-Abe Alliance Into Friendship The story also uses the ubiquitous statement by Bush on Putin: “I looked the man in … Continue reading

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Opaque Transparency Decision

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao signed a regulation to improve government transparency on Tuesday. Various headlines about the move: Government-controlled China Daily:Statute to make government open, cleanWashington Post, 2007.04.24:China Announces Rules to Require Government DisclosuresNew York Times, 2007.04.25:China Sets Out to … Continue reading

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Planning for a New Delhi

More than simply architectural, the plan is to transform vast slums into vertical apartment complexes. The difficulties India will face here are key to understanding why the PRC strictly controlled urbanization until recently. A Plan to Tame the Architectural Chaos … Continue reading

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Arable Land Statistics

This CCTV story gives official arable land losses of 300,000+ hectares in 2006.* I question these statistics. The central government has made maintenance of arable land a priority a few years ago. The change in the numbers was immediate: subnational … Continue reading

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Rags to Riches

Journalists: combining multiple threads of my interest is a nearly fool-proof way to make it onto this blog. Nearly is a necessary qualifier as you never know when I might be traveling for research or having family members join me … Continue reading

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Will China’s Hot Growth Burn Us All?

Other title puns considered were: Toasting Chinese Growth until We Are Burned; Let Them Eat, But No More Coal…. Salon’s How the World Works and the both have mentions of China’s economic growth and increase in greenhouse gas emissions … Continue reading

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Luckily there is no market for betting on how many times will be blocked and unblocked by China’s internet nanny. Two and a half weeks ago I said changes would be fewer than 2.5 times by July when I … Continue reading

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Back to Work

Matthew was here visiting me in Beijing for the past couple of weeks. This explains the lack of posting and the fact that I was at the Wall again. I had previously only been to Simatai. Matthew and I chose … Continue reading

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Historical Urban Bias

I think that it is a generally accepted fact that the CCP instituted policies with a distinct urban bias throughout its rule; however, that does not lessen the joy of finding evidence of it, especially when that evidence accords with … Continue reading

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