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Environmental Social Science

If you look at the cross-national statistics for income and inequality, you will find that there is an inverted-U pattern. That is, poor countries have little inequality (i.e. everyone is poor). Rich countries tend to have relatively little inequality (i.e. … Continue reading

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The Once and Future Blocked Website

Last week sometime, * was unblocked from here in China. I did not blog about this because I thought that it wouldn’t last. Well, it was either that or laziness. At any rate, blogspot is blocked again. My guess is … Continue reading

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Rusty Nails?

The “Nail House” story from Chongqing that I have mentioned previously is still in the news. Simon Elegant of Time and Time‘s China Blog talks about a “nail house” story in Shanghai that echoes some of the concerns that I … Continue reading

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Harmonious Society Troops

From Boxun and ESWN, irony caught with a digital camera: The sign that the police/troops are holding says “Building a Harmonious Society.” The image was taken in Guangdong, which is home to more than its share of land grabs and … Continue reading

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Regressive Foreign Aid

Tina Rosenberg’s NYT Magazine piece from March 25 offers the following channels of poor-to -rich reverse foreign aid: growth of reserves in poor countries intellectual property agreements in WTO and other frameworks tax holidays for foreign investment brain drain She … Continue reading

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Best sentence I have read today

因为,写作的最高境界是询问自己的心灵,面对无言的自然。 Original source, here. Although to be honest, I like the translation (where I actually first saw the sentence) better: For the highest plane of writing is consulting one’s own soul and facing the silence of nature. Translation from … Continue reading

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Nail House Still in the News

CDT has translated a post claiming that the State Council Information Office has issued a directive to stop publishing news about Chongqing’s Nail House story. This does not yet seem to be the case as my morning paper had a … Continue reading

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