Chinese Vocabulary of the Day

Types of documents:
Commands – 命令 – mingling
Decisions – 决定 – jueding
Instructions – 指示 – zhishi
Circulars – 通知 – tongzhi

Transmit – 传法 – chuanfa
Requirement – 要求 – yaoqiu
Provincial enterprises – 省属企业 – shengshu qiye
Vertical v. horizontal – 条条 v. 块块 – tiaotiao v. kuaikuai
“more deposits, more loans” – 多存多贷 – duocunduodai4
party ties – 党的关系 – dangdeguanxi
extrabudgetary revenues – 预算外 – yusuanwai
“tax classifications” – 划分税种 – huafen shui4zhong3
lump-sum tax system – 大包干 – dabaogan
Dual identity – 双重身份 – shuangzhong shenfen

City/county enterprises
市属企业;县属企业 – shishu qiye; xianshu qiye

revenue and expenditure classifications
划分收支 – huafen shou1zhi1

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